The Entrepreneurial University

In order to shape and sustain its future, higher education must become deliberate about establishing new connections, building new partnerships, and evolving itself into a collaborative enterprise. Many creative examples can be found in the publication The Innovative and Entrepreneurial University. As you will read, the entrepreneurial university takes a pro-active stance in putting knowledge to use and in creating new knowledge. Often the government acts as a public entrepreneur and venture capitalist. The entrepreneurial university provides students with new ideas, skills and talentStudents are not only the new generations of professionals in various scientific disciplines, business, culture, but they can also be trained and encouraged to become entrepreneurs and firm founders, contributing to economic growth and job creation. Entrepreneurial universities also have an enhanced capacity to generate technology. Rather than only serving as a source of new ideas for existing firms, universities are combining their research and teaching capabilities in new formats to become a source of new business development.

While not every campus is in a position to create a Triple Helix partnership, at a minimum, strengthening an institution’s innovative, entrepreneurial, and/or collaborative foundation will increase its overall value proposition. And, simply, a campus that builds a culture of innovation and collaboration will, consequently, catalyze solutions to pressing contemporary–educational, economic, and societal–challenges.


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