Higher Education 2067

SOCHE will turn 100 in 2067 and we are posing the question to our members: what will higher education look like in 52 years?

a) No Title IX incidents
b) No student debt
c) Unlimited federal and state support for instruction
d) Low tuition, room/board, and fees
e) Big market share of high school graduates
f)  No difference between traditional and non-traditional students
g) 95% retention and completion rates
h) Abundance of classroom space and human capital to handle higher enrollments
i) Perfect balance of part-time practitioners and full-time scholars
j) No developmental education required
k) International student population assimilated on campuses
l) Globalized curriculum
m) Crisis on campus minimized
n) Choice of pathways that align with specific industry needs, prepare you for effective citizenship and leadership, or educate you to build your community.
o)  College educated workforce above 67 percent
p) Role of MOOCs important but resistant to commodification
q) For-profit higher education sector bankrupt
r) Higher Learning Commission EZ forms available
s) Return on investment of a college degree reaches new peak
t) Public proud of spending more public dollars on higher education
u) Resources abundant for technology upgrades
v) Safety on campuses reaches new peak
w) Campuses can afford the best healthcare for FT and PT employees
x) Administrative and academic leadership pool strong for future
y) New facilities and infrastructure on campuses designed for integrated and multidisciplinary learning
z) Fill in the blank ___________________________

These are just 26 ideas…and we know that higher collaboration will be at the nucleus for even these few advances. “Together, we are an ocean.”